Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The room had light pouring in through the window. Inside the room was a bed, desk, dresser, and an alarm clock. This room's windows faces outward, towards the front of the house. In front of the window was a large tree. The huge tree was green, covered in pollen and the droopy leaves hung from the top. The wind picked up. One by one the leaves fell and were blown towards the room. The windows shielded the motionless body sleeping in the bed from the sticky and sweet smelling leaves. On the floor and on the desk there was books. One piled on top of the other. Some were open, and it seemed like it was being used, except there was no one reading it. The phone was on the desk. The lights on it are flashing, indicating a notification. The I-pod was on, playing music through the headphones. From outside came the sound of a flock of geese flying. Each one honking at the other. The noise pierced the silence. A few moments after the noise, the motionless body that was lying in the bed moved, sighed and got up. You could tell that it was a hectic night.

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